What if you could be debt free in 5 years or less...
without pinching every penny and feeling miserable?
The Debt Free Playbook is perfect for anyone drowning in debt, dreaming of a way out of the stress and anxiety. Create an organized plan to set up your debt snowball spreadsheet in 20 minutes and find your debt free date.
The Debt Free Playbook
A short video course designed to help you set up your debt snowball spreadsheet in 20 minutes and give you advanced strategies to become debt free FASTER!
The debt free playbook will help you feel in control of your debt by creating a powerful and proven plan to pay off debt so you can experience more freedom to enjoy your life without the stress of debt. 

Experience the freedom and joy that a debt free life provides your family. Start your debt free journey today.

Imagine what your life would look like if you were living debt free.
How would your life change?

I have a friend named Daniel. 

Daniel recently got married and had their first child. They were an excited, growing family with dreams and goals for their future. 

The problem was Daniel and his wife had about $18,000 of debt. It's a lot harder to raise kids and grow your family when you're living with debt. 

Debt delays your dreams, creates stress, and makes you feel like there's never enough money. You start to wonder where you’re gonna find the money to pay your bills - daycare, credit cards, student loans, rent/mortgage…and that’s stressful. 

A couple years ago I hosted a small workshop to help people take control of their debt using the strategies and methods in the debt free playbook. 

After sitting down next to Daniel for 20-30 minutes, he and his wife had a solid plan to become debt free in less than 2 years. With his new, growing family, he was ecstatic for a debt free future to raise his kids. 

The point is, once you make the decision to go all in on getting out of debt, the debt free playbook and the strategies will help you cut years off your debt repayment. 

If you dedicate a small amount of time (and money), you’ll never feel the stress or shame of debt again.

Imagine what it would FEEL like to make your last debt payment.
How would you celebrate becoming debt free? Who is the first person you’re gonna tell that after all that hard work, you’re finally debt free?
What would you do with all that money meant to pay off debt?

Save for your dream vacation 

Buy a house you can actually afford 

Be in control of your money 

Feel peace when you look at your bank account

What if...

You never had to pay a credit card bill again? 

Instead of making credit card payments, you sent money directly to your savings account? 

Instead of pretending everything is OK, you had a real plan to become debt free?

After using the debt free playbook, you’ll have…

A powerful plan to pay off your debt - ALL OF YOUR DEBT. You’ll create a debt snowball spreadsheet in 20 minutes and find out your debt free date 

Lifetime access to video tutorials. The Debt Free Playbook is a video course that gets updated when I find more strategies to pay off debt. That means you can always refer back to videos to update your debt snowball spreadsheet. All future updates are FREE for you.

Confidence and motivation to keep paying down debt (even when you feel frustrated). Paying off debt is hard, and sometimes frustrating. Knowing you have a plan THAT WORKS will help you weather the tough times by focusing on what matters 

Hope and joy dreaming about your future Imagine pressing “submit payment” for the last time? How will you feel in that moment? Pretty damn good I'm willing to bet. We got our final email confirmation driving in the car and we both screamed and cried. I'll never forget it.

  • What format is the Debt Free Playbook?
    A video course. The videos will help you set up your debt snowball spreadsheet in 20 minutes and give you advanced tips and strategies to pay off your debt faster. Future updates might include text based resources and strategies, but it's mostly video tutorials.
  • How much does it cost?
    $47 with an option to add on a $15 bonus package
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No. The DFPB is a digital download so there's no way to return the products. BUT I will help you troubleshoot your spreadsheets and figure out the tech stuff. We can jump on a call or zoom to problem solve.
  • How long will it take me to see success with the DFPB?
    My goal is to get you set up with your debt snowball spreadsheet in the first 30 minutes of starting the playbook. After that, you could see results in the first month or two by paying extra on your smallest debt. We paid our first loan off in month 3. But even if you don’t pay off a loan in the first 1-2 months, you’ll see the full picture of your debt and know your debt free date (plus how to accelerate your debt free date).
  • How do I get access to you, Jamie, the creator?
    Join my private FB group - The Debt Free Community. It’s full of people paying off their debt. Come with questions, success stories, struggles, and encouragement for others. We all pay off debt faster when we support and encourage others. You can also follow me on social media @mrjamiegriffin
  • How long do I have access to the content?
    For-ev-er. You get lifetime access to the tutorial videos, and any future updates.
  • When do I get access?
    The second you sign up for the DFPB, you’ll get an email to download everything.
  • What if I’m not tech savvy and am clueless with spreadsheets?
    That’s perfect! No experience necessary. The video tutorials teach you how to set up formulas to auto-calculate extra debt payments and troubleshoot. Plus, you get a debt snowball spreadsheet template so you’re not starting completely from scratch. Plus, you can always send me an email or ask a question in the private FB group (which is free btw).
The DFPB is a great fit for
you if…

You’re feeling trapped in debt and want a plan to ACTUALLY pay it off 

You can commit to an hour of time in the next week to use the DFPB and set up your debt snowball spreadsheet 

You want less stress and more control of your money 

You’re feeling hopeless about debt and are ready to break the cycle of debt

The DFPB is NOT a good fit for you if…

You’re comfortable with your debt and making minimum payments 

You know you’ll never open the DFPB and take action 

You already have a great system for paying off your debt in the next 5-7 years

Are you ready to get debt free in 5
years or less...without pinching every penny and feeling miserable?
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